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 Bay Area Law Enforcement Assistance

Welcome to BAlEAF

 BALEAF is a nonprofit charity with a single mission - to assist Bay Area law enforcement officers and their families who have experienced a member killed in the line of duty, suffered a serious injury or illness, or similar catastrophic event.  We are  a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity. 100% of your donation is awarded directly to the officers and their families.  100% of the administrative expenses are covered personally by the Board. Guaranteed!  Donate to BALEAF today!

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Bay Area Law Enforcement Assistance Fund

About Us

BALEAF provides support to Bay Area law enforcement officers and their families in crisis who have experienced a member killed in the line of duty, suffered a serious injury or illness, or  other catastrophic event.

BALEAF can provide immediate funding for a range of needs in these difficult circumstances.

Founded in 1999, BALEAF supports all employees of law enforcement agencies within the San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding counties assisting sworn and non-sworn employees. As of 2023, we awarded over $2 Million!

BALEAF Provides

  • Short term financial assistance
  • Referrals for psychological services, grief support, and spiritual support
  • Educational scholarships

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BALEAF's Number One Sponsor


Click on the logo to go directly to the site.

BALEAF's Dependable Donor

Last year, over 3,800 CCSF employees (970 of which are Leadership Givers pledging $500 or more) raised more than $1.23 million for over 1,200 non-profit organizations.

This year, we hope to raise $1 million for charity. As the pandemic continues to impact our local and global communities, deserving charities and the people they serve are in even greater need. Through this Campaign, we want to show that San Francisco cares, now more than ever!

To help support San Francisco’s efforts on COVID-19, please consider donating to the Give2SF COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund, featured in the 2020 Combined Charities Campaign.  Click the logo to go directly to the site.

BALEAF's Consistent Supporter
Through the Years

Our generous benefactors and sponsors have been integral in our ongoing support of our Law Enforcement family.  Thank you to the Police Credit Union and our friends, Darlene Hong, Vice President of Membership Development, and Priscilla Guterres, Director of Membership Development, for being there for BALEAF from the beginning!  These two women have always gone to bat for BALEAF, and their support is always cherished.  That being said, check out the CU website and consider supporting our supporters. Click on the logo to go directly to the site.

President fabian brown


It is my greatest honor to be the President of this beloved organization. Our mission is simple: Support Bay Area law enforcement members and their families who experienced a catastrophic event or a serious injury or illness.

"We hope that you never need us, but we're here if you ever do."

501 (c)(3) Charity Organization

The Bay Area Law Enforcement Assistance Fund is designated a charity organization by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service .  Our IRS identification is #91-2006597 and BALEAF is a recognized California Public Benefit Corporation with identification #C2179208.   Your donations are tax deductible, but always check with your tax advisor.  You can donate by check, money order, online through a credit card, and direct funds transfer (EFT).  See our Donations webpage for details.

Fundraising Events

We hold fundraising events throughout a year, well attended and fun for everyone!  View the upcoming events to join us in the future.  Proceeds from the fundraisers goes to BALEAF to support our mission of assisting law enforcement families in need. 

Upcoming events

Check our Events  Webpage and our Facebook page for updates.

Join Us-Donate

Use the link below to donate and support BALEAF.

Fabian Brown, President

Contact Us
T: 415-837-0875
F: 415-392-6273

Address: BALEAF              
Bay Area Law Enforcement Assistance Fund
P.O. Box 31764
San Francisco, CA 94131-0764

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