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 Bay Area Law Enforcement Assistance

Welcome to BAlEAF

 BALEAF is a nonprofit charity with a single mission - to assist Bay Area law enforcement officers and their families who have experienced a member killed in the line of duty, suffered a serious injury or illness, or similar catastrophic event.  We are  a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity. 100% of your donation is awarded directly to the officers and their families.  100% of the administrative expenses are covered personally by the Board. Guaranteed!  Donate to BALEAF today!

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As of 2023, BALEAF has awarded over $2 million to law enforcement families in 67 agencies as well as sending money to the Twin Towers Fund and the Katrina Disaster Relief Fund.  These were wholly made possible by generous donations from our supporters and sponsors.  Recipients are sworn and non-sworn personnel including members of Police Departments, Sheriff's Offices, Dispatchers, District Attorney's Office, Probation Departments and the California Highway Patrol.

  • Use this link to view the current listing of 67 agencies representing the officers and families which received BALEAF awards and assistance.



    These are just four of the many expressions of appreciation BALEAF has received.

    Radar and his Dada
    "At 6 months old, my precious son was given a 20% survival rate and has fought cancer twice since then. Watching my son overcome so many odds, I am the luckiest, proudest, happiest Dada in the world!

    The normal obstacles of raising a child is alone hectic. But when a life threatening illness is thrown into the picture, there is just not enough time and resources to make life normal again.

    It is great to know that there are people and organizations like Bay Area Law Enforcement Assistance Fund that donate their time and resources. And in my family’s time of need, BALEAF helped us!

    Thank you BALEAF. From the bottom our hearts, thank you for your help.”

    Sylvia Morrow
    "Thank you so much for your generous donation towards my custom wheelchair.  Your assistance came just when I needed it.  I also must thank Occupational Therapist Jody Greenhalgh for designing my wheelchair and making sure that it met my needs.

    I have only heartfelt thanks and appreciation for all that BALEAF has done for me. BALEAF has supported me throughout my-ongoing medical journey. I am so grateful for your generosity and because of you I know that my family in blue is here for me."

    It has been 8-1/2 years since becoming a paraplegic and this chair is the most advanced one I have owned. This chair will allow me to stand at any time and any place I am. There are numerous medical benefits to standing. I want to thank Jody Greenhalgh, who is a member of BALEAF's Board, with assisting me and taking the steps needed to have this chair fitted by the right vendor. There are also numerous members from SFPD with whom I have worked and are on BALEAF's Board – Lynette Hogue, Bob Guinan, Rich Reyes, and certainly, you, Robin Matthews.

    This financial assistance will help us since I have accumulated more monthly medical bills not covered by insurance. My wife, Christina, and I are most gracious and can only express ourselves with the love we have for friends like you.

    It was nine years ago that our daughter was run over by a boat.  She was 18 and had just graduated from high school.  One minute she was wake boarding on the Delta, then in an instant the tables turned as she was being air lifted to John Muir Hospital.  She spent 14 days in ICU and underwent countless surgeries.  Ultimately they and the grace of God saved her life and today we have our beautiful girl.  Her rehabilitation has been long and hard.  It will be ongoing but a price she is happy to pay for her life.  

    During the early part of her recovery, a month or so after, we were able to bring her home from the hospital when my husband came in with an envelope.  He is a retired SFPD Sergeant.  Inside I found a generous check.  I knew nothing of BALEAF prior to this moment.  My husband explained the fund and it's purpose.  He simply said, "it's the people of law enforcement taking care of each other."  The money was helpful allowing us to pay bills not covered by insurance, but it was the spirit behind the gift that was so valuable to us.  You see, the idea that perfect strangers were willing to support us in a time of need gave us strength and hope.  I will never forget the feeling of knowing that so many of you were behind us.  You can't help but move forward with that kind of support.  I am so grateful to all of you and so happy to tell you our daughter is doing well.  Her spirit is strong and it's largely because of you.

    To read the article on Molly McKenna's incredible survival by Elizabeth M. Cosin, The Press Democrat, click here (PDF format).

    When our son, Frankie, was diagnosed with Lymphoma in May of 2009 a series of events began in our lives that exposed our family to the full range of human emotion. The devastating news brought with it indescribable sadness and despair, but we found in time that this was to be tempered by the goodness of people and the support of friends and strangers alike.

    It was on one of these occasions that we were contacted by Robin Matthews of BALEAF with an offer of support and a genuine display of empathy and concern for Frankie. I had previously been unaware of the true association BALEAF enjoys with Law Enforcement and was taken aback at the generosity of spirit and fellowship offered by Robin.

    I can truly attest to the fact that this kindness was one of those times over the past years that buoyed our family and reaffirmed our grasp on the fact that the load can be shared by the intervention of good people.

    Thank you for all you have done for us.

    Ms. Matthews and Fellow BALEAF Board Members:
    My husband, Robert, and I want to extend our most sincere thank you for the generous donation BALEAF made to us to assist with Robert's current medical challenge. We cannot express how grateful we are to everyone at BALEAF for all the support and encouragement. Thank you many times over.


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